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Homeowners, apartment dwellers and businesses all trust in their Sharp vacuum cleaners to make short work out of cleaning their floors. When their vacuums fail to suction properly, however, dirt and debris may leave a bad impression when visitors come to call. To get your vacuum cleaner suctioning properly again, use these troubleshooting tips.

Check Your Filters

Sometimes repairing a vacuum with lost suction is as simple as removing dirt and debris from the filter. Foam filters rinse out easily with water, and paper filters can be shaken out to clear dirt and debris between uses. Be sure your filter is dry, as a wet filter can cause loss of suction by restricting airflow. If you find your filter is clogged or worn out, replace it with compatible vacuum parts.

Change the Bag

The next step in vacuum repair help is checking the bag. Feel the bag to see how full it is, and if it's close to the top, replace it with bag that's compatible with your Sharp vacuum cleaner. Full bags give dirt and debris nowhere to go when it moves through the vacuum hose, causing loss of suction.

Check the Nozzle and Hose

Loss of suction can also be caused by dirt and debris trapped in the nozzle or vacuum hose. Use a soft cloth to remove any build-up in the nozzle, and gently squeeze the hose to find any clogs. If you can't clear the debris clogging your parts, you may need to repair your vacuum with replacement components.

Sears PartsDirect stocks an extended selection of replacement parts and essential products that keep your Sharp vacuum cleaner in top-notch condition. For more help and lists of available parts options, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.