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Sci-O-Tech Dryer Parts

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Model ID31.4G (138 parts)



When it comes to commercial dryers, Sci-O-Tech has built a loyal clientele thanks to its reputation for reliability. If your dryer is leaving your clothes damp even after a full cycle, you may be thinking about contacting your repair technician. Before you make that call, try these simple troubleshooting procedures to get your dryer back in shape.

Clear out the Lint Trap

As lint accumulates on the trap during each dryer cycle, the build-up hinders air flow and forces the dryer to work harder to dry your laundry. Before examining other dryer repair parts, remove the trap and peel off the accumulated lint to see that resolves the problem. For best performance, clean the lint trap before every cycle.

Clean the Vent Tube

An important step in dryer troubleshooting is cleaning the vent tube, which slowly accumulates excess lint over time and prevents the steam from escaping from the dryer. Unhook the tube, and use a vacuum and a damp rag to remove the build-up. Clear out your dryer vent tube at least once a year to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Lighten the Laundry Load

Combining washer loads or drying large loads can lead to excessive drying times. Try splitting up the load into several smaller loads, and see if the dryer's performance improves. Also ensure that the heat setting and other controls are set appropriately.

If your Sci-O-Tech drying is still failing to dry your laundry, find replacement parts for the heating element, the gas valve coils, the heater relay or the dryer igniter at Sears PartsDirect. To begin your search or to talk to a representative about finding a specific part, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.