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Samsung is known for its high-end collection of large home appliances, and the brand's washers have become a popular choice for homeowners who value style and innovation. If your Samsung washer begins making excessive noise during a wash cycle, there may be foreign objects in the machine or an underlying issue with one of the washer parts. Use some basic troubleshooting procedures to repair your washer to enjoy quiet operation once again.

Inspect the Spin Basket

For top-load washer models, the appliance may make a clunking noise if the spin basket comes loose. Check whether the spanner nut that holds the basket in place is securely fastened, and check the spin basket for damage that may have occurred if it was loose. Install a new spin basket or spanner nut if these washer parts are damaged.

Check the Shock Absorbers

If you have a front-load Samsung washer, the shock absorbers that soften the vibrations of the outer tub may become damaged, allowing excessive movement of the tub. If you hear a knocking sound when the washer is set at a high speed, inspect and replace the shock absorbers or seek washer repair help from a qualified technician.

Remove Foreign Objects From the Spin Basket

When coins, hairpins and other hard objects are left in clothing during a wash cycle, they can come loose and make a clanging noise. After removing the load, use a flashlight to check the drum for foreign objects.

You can depend on Sears PartsDirect to supply the replacement parts you need to quiet your noisy Samsung washer. To refine your parts search or receive personalized assistance, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.