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Keeping your dishwasher up and running is as important to homeowners as it is to restaurant professionals. When the dishwasher stops mid-cycle, dishes not only don't get fully cleaned, they may have to be washed again to clear away the resulting streaks and spots. Using Samsung dishwasher parts for repairs helps ensure your dishwasher stays operational and thoroughly cleans your dishes.

Feel for a Loose Door Latch

A loose door latch can disengage the dishwasher's door-close safety mechanism. This signals the other dishwasher parts to shut off the wash cycle, as the door may be ajar, compromising the ordinarily tight seal. Check to make sure the latch moves all the way to the end of its track and that it doesn't jiggle once it's set.

Check for a Stuck or Loosened Control Panel

A common, and relatively simple, dishwasher repair is the replacement of a loose control panel. If this panel is loose, or if the buttons have gotten stuck, it may be necessary to replace it.

Have the Electronic Control Board Tested

The electronic control board is one of the most complex pieces of equipment in your dishwasher. This board controls the dishwasher's pacing and the exact timing of the cycles. A short in this board is a common reason your dishwasher might stop in the middle of a cycle. Check the board for obvious faults, such as cracks, loose connections and burns, but have the board professionally tested before replacing it.

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