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Designed for easy operation and accurate cutting, Ryobi walk-behind lawn mowers are popular with homeowners who have demanding lawn-care requirements. When the mower refuses to start or experiences operating problems, use these troubleshooting steps to identify the issue and get your mower up and running.

Check the Drive Control Cable

Your lawn mower's drive control cable allows it to start and move. If your mower refuses to start, or if it stops running while you are mowing, a cut cable is the most likely problem. Test the mower by pulling on the starter rope. If the engine doesn't respond at all, inspect the drive control cable for a break or dent. Replace the cable and connectors with the correct lawn mower parts.

Check the Fuel Supply

If your lawn mower stalls during operation, or if it has trouble starting, check the fuel supply. When a mower sits for an extended period of time, it can accumulate water. The water prevents the ignition system from working correctly. Drain the fuel, and replace it with a full tank. To reduce the need for future lawn mower repair help, install a new fuel filter to enable the engine to run smoothly.

Charge the Battery

A dead battery prevents the mower from starting. Disconnect the battery, and use a volt meter to test the charge. Recharge or replace the battery as necessary. If the lawn mower continues to have problems running, it may need a new ignition switch or carburetor.

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