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Ryobi Tiller Parts

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Model 21AB454B734 (157 parts)

Gas, Rear tine tiller


Ryobi tiller machines dig deeply into the ground to prepare soil for adding fertilizer and other amendments or planting seeds. The powerful machines also help uproot weeds between rows in larger gardens or small farms. Common problems that can crop up with Ryobi tillers include poor tilling performance, engines that fail to start or oil and gas leakage.

Inspect the Tines

Poor tilling can be a sign that the soil may not have the moisture necessary for the work, but it may also indicate that some Ryobi tiller parts aren't working at peak efficiency. Adjusting the stake depth of the tiller may alleviate some performance issues. Tines may also wear down or bend, and they require regular inspection and replacement if damaged. The drive belt that turns the tines wears down over time and may begin slipping. Replacing this can restore any lost power.

Replace the Fuel

One of the first steps in tiller troubleshooting requires ensuring that users have fresh fuel in their engines. Stale fuel can cause improper engine firing or prevent the engine from starting entirely. Draining the fuel and replacing it with new gas can often solve these problems. Check the spark plugs and the carburetor to ensure they are clean and running efficiently. These can also lead to misfires and rough engine operation.

Search for Leaks

Oil or fuel leaks in a tiller can cause loss of performance and create hazardous situations. If operators begin to smell fuel or see evidence these substances leaking, they should power off the machine and track down the areas that leak. Common leak sites include gaskets and plugs or fuel lines. Replace damaged components with quality tiller repair parts.

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