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You can typically rely on your Roper washer to keep clean laundry flowing smoothly to all the members of your household. If you should find that the machine stops agitating and spinning correctly, any of several parts could be involved. Try these troubleshooting tips to diagnose the problem so you can repair it and get your washer back in working order.

Check the Agitator

The washer's agitator is the large plastic part in the center of the spin basket. If it's cracked or broken, it may not work correctly. In addition, if it doesn't ratchet back and forth normally, you may need to replace it. If, instead of rotating properly, the top part of the agitator spins freely, it may be a problem with the agitator dogs, small plastic washer parts that direct the movement of the agitator. Replace these parts if they're broken or damaged.

Check the Drive Belt

If you can hear the washer's motor working hard, but the spin basket and agitator aren't moving as they should, the problem may be with the drive belt. This belt translates the drive pulley's movements to the spin basket and can break with long-term use. If the belt looks worn or damaged, replace it as well.

Replace the Gearcase

If you still need washer repair help, take a look at the washer's gear case. This part is responsible for driving the agitator and spin basket. If it locks up, you're likely to hear a loud grinding noise coming from the washer, and you also may spot oil leaks under the washer. Repair the gear case if it's responsible for the agitator and spin basket problems.

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