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You rely on your Roper wall oven to bake your child's birthday cake or finish off a pot roast. Sometimes, however, a wall oven may simply stop working. If that occurs, try these simple troubleshooting tips to help bring the heat back to your kitchen.

Check the Circuit Breakers

Just because your oven isn't heating doesn't necessarily mean you're headed for major wall oven repair. Check your circuit breakers and see if the power to the kitchen has been interrupted. If the power has been interrupted, your electric oven can't work. Flip the circuit breaker to get your oven to turn on again.

Reset the Thermal Fuse

Your Roper wall oven contains a thermal fuse that keeps the oven from overheating. Sometimes this fuse can trip after you've used the oven's self-cleaning feature, which increases the heat of the oven to levels far beyond those used for cooking. Reset the thermal fuse by flipping the circuit breaker to turn off power to the oven, removing the oven's exterior back panel and pressing the reset button. If the thermal fuse tripped when the oven wasn't in self-cleaning mode, you need to replace it.

Replace the Electronic Control Board

If the oven isn't working and you've already confirmed that the power and thermal fuse are not the problem, you may need to replace the electronic oven control board. One of the key wall oven parts in your Roper oven, the electronic oven control board controls the timing of the bake and broil functions of the oven. If it doesn't light up when the power is on, chances are it needs to be replaced.

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