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Roper appliances help simplify cooking and preparing meals at home, and Roper cooktops typically deliver even heating and safe, simple operation. Problems including surface element heating issues, spark igniter clicking noises and even failure to operate may occur during the life span of these powerful appliances. Follow these three simple tips to help troubleshoot the problem and get your unit in working order.

Inspect the Power Cord

The power cord on Roper gas and electric cooktops provides needed electricity to spark gas burners or power electric ones. Ensure the power cable connects to both the wall and the stove properly. Check the power cable for obvious signs of damage, and replace it if exposed wires appear. Signs of a failed power cable include electrical components, such as lights and displays, that do not operate.

Check the Cooktop Spark Module

When spark igniters on gas stoves start clicking, a common cooktop troubleshooting procedure owners can undertake is checking to make sure the cooktop spark modules and spark igniters are clean and dry. Moisture and trapped materials on these components can cause them to fire improperly and unexpectedly. If the clicking continues after cleaning and drying the parts, they may require replacement.

Reseat the Coil Surface Element

Electric stoves rely on a coil surface element to deliver heat to pots and pans. Check these cooktop parts to ensure that they connect properly with the electrical systems of the stove by pulling them out and reseating them. Inspect the element visually to ensure that it shows no signs of corrosion or food buildup. Cleaning the element may also help restore it to normal operation.

Shoppers can turn to Sears PartsDirect for replacement parts for Roper cooktops that can ensure safe and efficient operation. Choose the type of category from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.