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Regina Vacuum Parts

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Regina vacuum cleaners help you keep your carpets and hard floors clean of dust and debris, but over time, vacuums can start to lose suction power. Instead of leaving crumbs behind with a half-powered vacuum, try out these troubleshooting tips to get your appliance back up to speed.

Clean Out Clogs and Buildup in Hoses

Check pipes and hoses for any buildup of dirt, dust and other materials. These materials can clog hoses, causing them to be less efficient during use. Clean them out with water and soft cleaning materials, such as brushes and cloths, to clear the way for air to create the solid suction needed to vacuum. Also, check any accessory parts used on non-floor surfaces.

Clean the Filters

Filters that are dirty let less air pass through, so properly cleaning them lets air move better. These vacuum parts are easy to remove and clean. Tap paper filters on a solid surface outside, such as a porch railing or doorframe, to remove excess dirt. Clean foam filters with gentle soap and water, then allow them to dry completely before returning them to the appliance.

Change or Empty the Dirt Collection Area

Replace full vacuum bags regularly as they fill. Empty canister-style collectors outside or into the regular trash, then wipe them clean of any extra debris that clings to the sides. Perform this vacuum repair help step every time you're finished using the vacuum.

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