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Made with precision cutting technology, Rally walk-behind lawn mowers help homeowners create crisp, manicured lawns. Problems with the mower blade can cause a variety of symptoms, from the failure to start to uneven cutting. With these troubleshooting tips, you can get to the root of the problem.

Inspect the Blade

If you notice that your lawn mower vibrates more than usual, or if the cutting pattern has changed, turn the mower off. After it is cool, flip the mower over to expose the blade and lawn mower parts. Inspect each surface for bends, dents or nicks. If the blade is dull, sharpen it. Replace a damaged blade to avoid further problems.

Examine Blade Installation

Imbalance in the blade installation can make the entire mower vibrate during operation. Before you call for professional lawn mower repair help, ensure that the blade is level. Check to ensure that the nuts and bolts are tight; a loose blade can also cause vibrations. Finally, use your manual to verify that the blade is installed correctly. If you see a problem, you may need to take apart the assembly and reinstall it properly.

Check for Damage

Occasionally, the mower blade can cause other problems. If the drive control cable moves during operation, it may fall into the blade path. Signs of a damaged cable include a mower that won't start or stops suddenly during mowing. Inspect the cable carefully, looking for nicks or cuts, and replace it if necessary.

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