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Rally Tiller Parts

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Model RYX820K (168 parts)

Gas, Rear tine tiller


Tillers support gardeners in their quest to grow the perfect vegetables. They are excellent at weed removal and make loosening the soil for planting an easier job. One of the most common problems affecting a tiller's ability to do its job is when the tiller's wheels and tines won't turn. These three solutions can often solve this problem.

Replace Tine Shaft Clevis Pin

A tiller troubleshooting tip for repairing a tiller when the wheels and tines won't turn is to inspect the clevis pin on the tine shaft. This pin has a safety feature that allows it to shear off if the tines hit an obstruction. Shearing off the pin protects the engine from possible damage. Inspect the clevis pin for shearing. Replace a sheared off clevis pin to allow the wheels and tines to rotate properly.

Replace Drive Belt

Tiller drive belts stretch and loosen over time, allowing them to slip off the engine pulley and transmission. Using quality tiller repair parts can extend the life of the drive belt. Observe the motion of the drive belt. If the belt is slipping or appears to be stretched, remove the drive belt cover and replace the belt to give the wheels and tines freedom of movement.

Replace Transmission

The rotation of the wheels and tines on a tiller is controlled by the action of the transmission. Gears inside the transmission may fail to operate properly, causing the wheels and tines to experience problems with movement. Replacing the transmission can effectively solve this problem. Remove the transmission, and install a new one if a problem with the transmission is suspected.

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