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Compact and convenient, Rally tractors and riding lawn mowers make it easy to maintain lawns of all sizes. Common problems with lawn tractors include a sudden change in the cutting pattern and a lack of cutting efficiency. Troubleshoot your mower with these simple steps.

Balance the Tractor

A change in a mower's cutting pattern indicate an imbalance in the system. Start by checking that each tire is inflated to the same level. Then, examine the blade to ensure that it is not loose or bent to one side. Finally, park the mower on a flat surface to see if the mowing deck is off-kilter. Imbalances can result from improper storage, low-quality parts, or environmental conditions; using top-rated riding mower parts can help prevent future problems.

Find Blade Damage

While it is in use, the mower blade undergoes normal wear. One of the easiest lawn tractor repair help tips is to check the blade. Ask a friend to help you tip the machine over and lay it flat on its side. Inspect the top and bottom surface of the blade, removing it from its assembly if necessary. If you spot signs of damage, purchase and install a new blade.

Check Belts and Pulleys

If your lawn tractor has stopped cutting the grass entirely, chances are that the blades are not spinning. Check the mandrel pulleys and the belts on the mower deck. Damaged or non-functional pulleys and belts can prevent the blades from moving, even when the motor is running.

With quality parts from Sears PartsDirect, you can keep your tractor in top condition. To find the right part for your Rally tractor, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.