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Primus Camping Equipment Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 4 Primus Camping Equipment models

Model 4850 (13 parts)

Camping stove


Model 2395 (19 parts)

Camping stove


Model 2387 (19 parts)

Camping stove


Model 2385 (19 parts)

Camping stove


In business since 1892, Primus camping equipment is known for its high-quality construction that provides it with supreme longevity. Products that range from camp stoves to lights give you a variety of options whether you're setting up camp or looking for gear to use quickly while heading to your wilderness destination.

The Comforts of Home

Ensure you and your fellow explorers have the comforts of home when you set up camp using Primus camping equipment. Set up your tent, go catch some fish and then cook them on your Primus camp stove, which saves you time on lighting cooking fires. A wide array of styles lets you choose a stable camp stove for areas where you'll be camping a few days or models that cool down quickly for easy movement after brief stops on the trail.

The Light You Need

Primus camping equipment includes high-end lanterns with LED bulbs that won't break the bank in terms of batteries. Because LED lights use less power, you don't have to take along large amounts of extra batteries, helping you lighten your backpack and have more room for your camping essentials. These powerful lights deliver a wide area of illumination, keeping you and the people you're camping with safe and comfortable in the darkest of forests.

Simple Repairs

Be sure to take along Primus's proprietary power gas and fuel bottles for your camp stove. Before heading out on the trail, check all your equipment for functionality, and if you find issues with your Primus equipment, use camp stove parts from Sears PartsDirect to fix the problem quickly.

Your Primus camping equipment helps make your trip more enjoyable, so be sure it's in good condition with Sears PartsDirect. Just choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.