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Walk-behind Lawn Mower Poulan
Poulan Walk-behind Lawn Mower Parts

Poulan Walk-behind Lawn Mower Parts

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Walk-behind lawn mowers are the perfect grass-cutting solution for small lawns and work great for trimming around flower beds and shrubbery. Hitting a rock or other object when mowing can damage the blade, causing uneven cuts and motor vibrations. A few simple repairs can fix your problem and get your lawn looking beautiful again.

Sharpen the Blade

Located underneath the mower deck, the blade spins and cuts the grass. Over time the blade can become dull and should be removed for sharpening. Before removing the blade, disconnect the spark plug to ensure the mower doesn't accidentally start. Turn the mower over on its side to easily access the blade.

Replace the Blade

When the blade strikes a hard object, it can become bent or damaged and requires replacement. Blades are one of the many lawn mower parts that can be easily replaced without calling an expert. Disconnect the spark plug, and turn the mower over on its side to access the blade. Remove the blade from the crankshaft, and replace it with a new one for the sharpest cut.

Replace the Flywheel Key

To ensure safe operation, the flywheel key is designed to shear off when the mower hits a hard object. When removing the flywheel key, make sure to disconnect the spark plug to prevent the engine from accidentally starting. One lawn mower repair help tip is to insert a block of wood between the mower blade and the housing to prevent the crankshaft from moving as you loosen the flywheel nut and install the new flywheel key.

Sears PartsDirect carries a wide array of Poulan walk-behind lawn mower parts to support the do-it-yourself repairman. To find the right part for your problem, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.