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Paramount Vacuum Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Paramount Vacuum models

Model SERIES 1800-12D (53 parts)


A Paramount vacuum cleaner comes in handy to help keep your home looking fresh and beautiful. If you encounter problems with the vacuum shutting off during operation, here are a few troubleshooting tips to get it working properly again.

Check the Power

If the vacuum shuts off suddenly, check to make sure the unit is still plugged into an outlet, and change the outlet if needed to access a new area. Sometimes, using a vacuum may trip a circuit breaker. Check your circuit breaker box, and flip the breaker if necessary. If this occurs, you may also need to unplug some other appliances or plug your vacuum cleaner into a new outlet in a different part of the house.

Push the Reset Button

On some vacuum cleaners, vacuum parts such as the suction motor contain an overload circuit. When this is tripped, the vacuum shuts down in mid-operation. Often this occurs because the vacuum is running hot. Give your vacuum a few minutes to cool down before pushing the reset button to get it up and running again.

Replace the Vacuum Suction Motor

If you have continuing problems with the motor tripping the overload and shutting down the vacuum, you're probably in need of further vacuum repair help. Chances are, you need to replace the vacuum suction motor itself. This part also needs to be replaced if it's not creating enough suction to pick up dirt and debris around the house.

Sears PartsDirect carries a wide selection of repair parts for Paramount vacuum cleaners and can help when the vacuum stops mid-operation. To get started on your repair, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.