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Paramount Hedge Trimmer Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Paramount Hedge Trimmer models

Model HT1700-00 (33 parts)



Keeping your hedges well trimmed goes beyond simply making your property attractive. Unruly or overgrown hedges can block your line of sight near the driveway and may host colonies of pests. Keep your Paramount hedge trimmer primed and ready for service by replacing worn components with new Paramount hedge trimmer parts from Sears PartsDirect.


The moving blades are the business end of your Paramount hedge trimmer. In order to slice through heavy growth, these blades must be sharp, clean and well oiled. Since they cut against thick wood, blades can quickly dull. Fortunately, blade assemblies are some of the easiest hedge trimmer repair parts to replace.

Motor Components

Your Paramount hedge trimmer's moving blades are driven by a powerful motor. Moving components in this system, such as the armature fan and the bearing motor, need to be inspected and replaced when they can no longer move efficiently against the resistance a tough hedge presents.

Gear Box Assembly

Power from the motor is transferred to the blades by way of the gear box assembly. This is a complex set of components with parts that must all work together perfectly to transfer power to where it's needed. The gear box can be replaced as a single piece, as can many of the secondary components such as the cover plate and the driveshaft.

Power through tough hedges with a Paramount hedge trimmer that is kept in good working order. Sears PartsDirect has a large online inventory of Paramount hedge trimmer parts to keep your lawn and garden clean and well maintained. To find the parts you're looking for, choose your model from the list above, click on the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.