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From homeowners and apartment dwellers to restaurants and retailers, everyone depends on their canister and upright Panasonic vacuum cleaners to keep their floors clean and tidy. When the machines fail to suction properly, embarrassing dirt and debris can get left behind. If your Panasonic vacuum cleaner stops suctioning at full power, troubleshoot with these steps to rectify the problem.

Change Your Bag

Sometimes, the issue of an improperly suctioning vacuum cleaner is as simple as a full bag that needs changing. If the dirt and debris has nowhere to go once it's sucked into the machine, the particulates accumulate wherever you power off your vacuum.

Check for Clogged Hoses

Clogged hoses and blocked internal air paths are other common causes of improper suctioning. Vacuum parts that rely on air flow need a clear path for proper functioning of your vacuum cleaner, so the next step in troubleshooting is searching out clogs and removing them. Seriously clogged hoses and parts may require replacement.

Replace the Suction Motor

If all else fails, try the last step in vacuum repair help and troubleshooting — replacing the suction motor. This motor rotates the fan in both canister and upright vacuum cleaners, creating suction by circulating air from the cleaning head intake to the bag. If this component doesn't create suction or power on at all, it needs immediate replacement.

Find all the parts you need to maintain your Panasonic upright or canister vacuum cleaner at Sears PartsDirect, and discover replacement and repair parts for most issues. For more help and lists of available parts options, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.