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Norge Vacuum Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Norge Vacuum models

Model 7440A (220 parts)



Norge vacuums deliver strong suction able to quickly and cleanly clear floors of dirt and debris. Vacuums in the line are often durable machines, but a small number of issues may cause problems that prevent the vacuum from powering on at times.

Check the Power Outlet

Norge vacuums connect directly to a household power outlet for needed electricity. Check the outlet by plugging in a different device to ensure it delivers adequate power. If the outlet does not deliver power, inspect the circuit breaker to ensure it remains connected and has not tripped during normal operation. If needed, switch to a different power outlet.

Inspect the Power Cord

A worn or frayed power cord can prevent adequate electricity from making it to the motor. These vacuum parts may pose a serious hazard if left uncorrected over time. A damaged power cord may also harm other electrical components in the vacuum, and these components require immediate replacement to ensure safe operation. If the power cord shows any sign of obvious damage, including frayed cables or obvious wires, owners should discontinue use of the vacuum until they fix the problem.

Replace the Motor

If the vacuum powers on but does not begin to operate, the motor may be faulty. A faulty motor does not spin or provide suction, and this component is crucial to regular operation of the machine. In these cases, users should remove the motor and replace it with a quality replacement part. One additional vacuum repair help tip is to keep the bag and intakes as clean as possible to prevent overworking the motor, which can lead to failure over time.

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