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Norge dryers deliver ample heat to quickly dry clothes and help reduce wrinkles. One common issue that arises with Norge dryers is the door opening during use, which triggers a safety feature that prevents the dryer from running.

Inspect the Door Catch

Norge dryers use a catch system that holds the door strike in place during normal operation. If this catch becomes clogged with lint or other debris, or is damaged during use, it may no longer properly secure the door. A worn or damaged catch may allow the door to swing open during use and disrupt normal dryer operation. Clean debris away from the catch, and replace it in the case of obvious damage.

Verify the Door Strike Sits Properly

The door strike may become dislodged due to vibration, and a loose strike may fail to align with the catch. Inspect these dryer repair parts to ensure they align properly. Look carefully at the door strike, and verify its condition. A cracked or chipped strike may no longer remain in place during normal operation, and a loose strike may wiggle out of place or fall out entirely. Replace damaged or missing door strike components.

Check out the Connection

The final step of dryer troubleshooting a door that fails to remain closed requires checking the connection between the catch and the door strike. Replacing these components may not solve the problem if they are misaligned or incorrectly installed. Disassembling both components and realigning them can help prevent accidental opening during regular operation, and users should secure each component properly to help prevent future alignment issues.

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