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Noma Tiller Parts

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Model F1016-110 (61 parts)

Gas, Front tine tiller


Noma tillers make short work of cultivation projects that require digging lots of soil to prepare for planting. These tools are especially useful for large home gardens or small farms, and problems with them can disrupt planting schedules. Common issues that can crop up over time with Noma tillers include engines that won't start, rough running or misfires, and poor tilling operation.

Inspect the Carburetor

The carburetor is one of the most important Noma tiller parts, and malfunctions in the unit can lead to rough engine operation or a lack of power from the engine entirely. Check the carburetor for any signs of wear or contamination. Cleaning the unit may help it operate properly, but signs of obvious damage require rebuilding the component with new parts or replacing the carburetor outright.

Perform an Engine Tune-Up

Regular engine maintenance can help eliminate misfiring or trouble starting and is one of the top tiller troubleshooting procedures owners can undertake. A full tune-up includes changing the oil and replacing the air filter. Inspect the ignition system to ensure proper firing, and adjust the throttle and choke to make sure that fuel flows properly. Users should lubricate all moving parts as part of the tune-up to protect them against future wear.

Replace Worn Components

The tiller tines and drive belt that allow Noma tillers to power through tough terrain may begin to show signs of wear over time. Tines can bend or even break when they hit rocks in the ground. Belts may start to fray and slip after prolonged periods of use. Replace these with high-quality tiller repair parts.

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