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A quality riding mower or tractor is an essential component of good lawn maintenance. A rough running engine and misfires can be signs of a problem. Keep your engine in top working condition with these simple repair and maintenance tips.

Replace the Carburetor

A choked engine is a likely sign of carburetor problems. One of many essential riding mower parts, the carburetor mixes gas and air for engine combustion. Water can accumulate in the carburetor and interfere with the combustion process. Access the carburetor by removing the mower hood. Disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental ignition before beginning the removal. Take off the blower housing, and disconnect all attachments from the carburetor, taking note of where each part connects. Install the new carburetor, reattaching all components in the same configuration.

Replace the Head Gasket

If the engine starts and sputters, the head gasket may be at fault. Defective gaskets create low compression and require replacement. Use a torque wrench to remove the cylinder head. A wise lawn tractor repair help tip is to clean the mating surfaces before replacing the gasket to ensure a good seal.

Tune up the Engine

Routine tune-ups can prevent many engine problems. Drain and replace the engine oil periodically, inspecting the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and spark plug for debris. Check the ignition, carburetor, battery, throttle and choke controls for damage, and clean the engine cooling fins on a regular basis.

Sears PartsDirect offers a number of replacement parts for your Noma riding mower or tractor. Find the right part to keep your mower starting at the first turn of the key by choosing your model from the list above, clicking the chat button or calling 1-800-252-1698.