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MTD Cultivator Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 10 MTD Cultivator models

Model 21CK144G799 (68 parts)


Model 21D-154A799 (48 parts)


Model 21AK146G799 (70 parts)


Model 21A5144R799 (127 parts)


Model 21AS122R799 (90 parts)


Model 21AK125G983 (70 parts)


Model 21BK125G983 (70 parts)


Model 21AK125G900 (70 parts)


Model 21A-151A983 (39 parts)


Model 21BK144G799 (72 parts)


MTD cultivators are durable and strong when you need these qualities the most. Yard work is always a chore; however, using MTD cultivators and tillers make landscaping, yard work and planting a little bit easier. Use the MTD cultivator for a second round of tilling to both kill weeds and ready the soil for planting.

A Powerful Engine

While every MTD cultivator and tiller model is slightly different, all are equipped with small yet powerful motors to get the job done quickly and effectively. For example, many MTD cultivators have 6.5-amp motors with forward rotation and tine diameters for easy tilling.

Wide Tilling Width

One of the most important features of a cultivator is the tilling width; an ample tilling width ensures that a tiller's shanks easily penetrate the soil. MTD cultivators have a wide tilling width, some with six to nine inches of width for tilling a tine diameter of up to nine inches. With both electric and gas-powered models, MTD cultivators are ideal for any yard or project.

Available Repair Help

Even the best cultivators require some type of maintenance and repair in their lifetime. When you need MTD repair parts quickly, Sears PartsDirect has a wide variety of replacement parts to get your cultivator back up and running in no time. From replacement handles to springs and cables, Sears PartsDirect has the right cultivator part for your needs. Approved by the manufacturer, replacement parts are always a guaranteed fit.

Putting off yard work and planting projects for repair or maintenance can be time-consuming. Order parts from Sears PartsDirect for reliable and fast shipping. Simply choose your model from the list above, start a live chat session, or call Sears PartsDirect at 1-800-252-1698.