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Modern Maid dishwashers run through multiple cycles to ensure that dishes come out clean and free of spots. If your dishwasher doesn't work when you push the buttons, one of several components may be damaged or faulty. Finding and replacing the correct one should solve the problem.

Check the Door Latch Assembly

Your Modern Maid dishwasher doesn't run if its door is not fully closed. Look carefully at the door latch assembly to make sure none of the tabs or metal components are bent or broken. A door latch that fails to connect prevents operation, as does one that senses the position of the door and relays it to the internal systems incorrectly. Even if the latch shows no signs of physical damage, regular vibration may shake loose the internal mini-switch that relays position information. Replace the full assembly if any components appear to be broken or malfunctioning.

Inspect the Dishwasher Control Panel

The control panel is one of the most commonly touched dishwasher parts, and regular use can dislodge it over time. Inspect the control panel for obvious signs of wear. A control panel that has been jostled out of place may no longer communicate with the appliance, and wires stretched beyond their limits may fray and cause a short circuit. Replace the panel and associated wires to restore regular operation.

Check the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse protects your dishwasher from overheating by burning out and shutting down the machine until you perform the necessary dishwasher repair to resolve the problem. Faulty fuses sometimes burn out for no reason, and they must be replaced before the dishwasher can run again.

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