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Everyone from homemakers and families to singles and students relies on Maytag wall ovens when it's time to prepare daily meals. However, when an oven doesn't heat properly, disruptions in daily routines occur. When your Maytag wall oven stops baking and broiling properly, look to these common fixes to solve your problem.

Replace the Control Thermostat

One common wall oven repair is replacing a bad control thermostat. This thermostat controls heating inside the oven, so a bad component can prevent the oven from maintaining the proper temperature or turning the heat on at all. Another issue that points to failure of this part is when the heat fails to turn off when the oven reaches the set temperature.

Replace the Broil or Bake Element

If your electric Maytag wall oven bakes but refuses to broil or vice versa, look to replacing the bake or broil element wall oven parts as a solution. Thoroughly inspect the element that's not heating for any broken or burned sections that indicate the element is damaged, and then order the proper replacement part to fix the problem.

Replace the Igniter

If you have a gas wall oven, it probably has a glow-bar oven igniter and a safety gas valve connected in a series-type electrical circuit. If the igniter doesn't glow or doesn't get hot enough to open the gas valve even if it's glowing, one or both components may need replacing. Some units have two igniters for the bake and broil elements, so be sure to check the operation of both.

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