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Everything from hotels to private residences use the time-saving convenience of Maytag dryers to keep fabrics feeling fresh and clean, but if your unit isn't producing enough heat, clothing may come out damp or stale. Whether it's a gas or an electric model, Sears PartsDirect ensures that laundry dryers remain in tip-top shape and ready to meet the demands of family life or commercial operations.

Check Gas Valve and Solenoid Coils

If your gas dryer isn't heating at all, start by replacing the valve and solenoid coils. These parts ensure the gas is consistently burned, and if they malfunction, you may smell gas. If you do detect gas, immediately flip the main gas valve to cut off supply and replace the valve and solenoids. When purchasing gas dryer repair parts, be sure to use the correct model or serial numbers because unsuitable or ill-fitted parts can cause serious and potentially dangerous problems in the future.

Inspect Heating Elements on Electric Models

If your electric dryer isn't producing any heat, there's a good chance that the heating element is functioning improperly. Inspect the element for any damage and replace if necessary. With the right electrical-testing tools and know-how, you can perform a dryer troubleshooting test by bypassing the control board and powering the element directly.

Install a New Thermistor

Access the blower housing and find the thermistor (or temperature sensor) if other troubleshooting steps fail. A faulty sensor sends bad data to the control board and must be replaced for normal operation. Most dryers display a diagnostic code if this specific problem arises.

To find your exact dryer replacement part through Sears PartsDirect, simply choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698 for further assistance.