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Maytag dishwashers clean dirty dishes effectively and efficiently. The dishwashers run multiple cycles to ensure that dishes come out looking their best. One common problem that may arise during use is a stop in the middle of a cycle. This prevents the dishes from coming clean.

Check for Tripped Breakers

Maytag dishwashers connect directly to kitchen outlets, and a circuit breaker that trips during operation may stop the washer mid-cycle. Check the outlets in the area to verify that power still runs, and visually inspect circuit breakers to make sure they remain open. If a light switch controls the outlet where the dishwasher connects, verify that it remains in the On position.

Inspect the Door Latch

One of the main dishwasher parts that may cause a mid-cycle stop is the door latch. Check the door latch assembly for any obvious signs of wear or damage, and replace this component if needed. A loose door can stop the dishwasher mid-cycle if it shakes free during vigorous washing or if the sensor in the door latch misreads the latch position. This could even lead to water flooding out of the dishwasher in some cases.

Replace Control Components

Control components in the dishwasher regulate proper cycling and flow operations. These include the electronic control board, the dishwasher control panel and the dishwasher power control supply board. These parts may wear down over time as the vibration caused by normal washing shakes wires loose or as capacitors and other electrical elements begin to fail in their circuit boards. If any of these components show signs of obvious wear or damage, swap them out for high-quality dishwasher repair and replacement parts.

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