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Maytag gas and electric cooktops are known for high-quality construction and reliable performance; however, even the best home appliance experiences problems from time to time. If the cooktop burners aren't working properly or fail to heat at all, use these tips to solve the most common problems yourself without calling in a repairman.

Dry Out the Igniter Mechanisms

If one of the burners on your Maytag gas cooktop makes a clicking noise and fails to ignite, the problem may be a wet igniter switch or wet spark electrode. These parts can become saturated by water or other fluids when you clean the cooktop or cook food that overflows the pot. One easy cooktop troubleshooting tip for this problem is to let the burner sit unused for 90 minutes or more so that the parts can dry out thoroughly.

Replace the Surface Burner Element

An electric burner that fails to heat may have a malfunctioning surface coil element. Fortunately, these cooktop parts are a breeze to buy and replace. The coil plugs into the burner terminal on the cooktop, making it easy to pull it out and pop a new one in.

Inspect the Control Knobs and Switches

The exterior burner switches and knobs control the function and temperature of the burners on gas and electric cooktops. If the electric contacts on these parts fail, the appliance stops operating as expected. Replacing a surface element switch on an electric cooktop or a control knob on a gas cooktop is a quick fix that can save you the expense of a professional service call.

Sears PartsDirect is the one-stop shop for the cooktop replacement parts you need for do-it-yourself maintenance and repair of your Maytag appliance. Simply choose the category of your part from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698 to speak to an expert.