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Marantz Television Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Marantz Television models

Model L526 (4 parts)

Projection/digital 42" and above


Marantz LCD televisions offer dynamic visual entertainment designed to integrate into every high performance entertainment system. Whether you want to mount your television onto the wall or make it the focal point on your living room's console, Marantz offers an LCD television for every room.

Slim Styles

Marantz offers flat panel LCD televisions that free up space in your living room for media systems, books and other home decor that a larger CBT television would take up. The flat panel LCD televisions measure as thin as 7 centimeters deep and at a variety of sizes that bring exciting images into your home as though they were real. To avoid expensive television replacements, you can keep your brilliant pictures maintained with Marantz television repair parts offered through Sears PartsDirect.

Maintain Your Stereo Receiver

Marantz LCD televisions are accompanied with state of the art stereo receivers that transmit high quality sound. High performance stereo receivers offer numerous audio presets, digital tuners, resonate amplifiers and sturdy construction for the best possible sound production. To keep your stereo receiver performing at optimal levels, Marantz TV repair parts such as tuners and switches are available so you can repair your equipment and extend the lifetime of your entertainment center.

Helpful Television Equipment Repair Resources

Even though Marantz's LCD televisions and entertainment systems are built with durable materials, there may come a time when parts to be replaced. Sears PartsDirect offers a range of troubleshooting resources such as installation diagrams, tip sheets and a team of professionals ready to help you fix your Marantz entertainment equipment. If a part on your television system breaks, you can search the vast parts catalogue to find what you need.

Find out more about the best maintenance practices for Marantz televisions from Sears PartsDirect by choosing your model from the list above, clicking the chat button, or calling 1-800-252-1698.