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Mantis Tiller Parts

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Model SV-5C-2 (163 parts)

Gas, Front tine tiller


Mantis tillers are versatile gardening machines known for being relatively lightweight and easy to operate. To keep dust and grime out of the engine system, these machines are equipped with several filters and screens. If your tiller has become hard to start, or if it misfires or lacks power, examine these filters and screens first.

Inspect the Air Filter

If your Mantis tiller is losing power, begin tiller troubleshooting by inspecting the air filter. Remove the air-cleaner cover, and examine the air filter for damage or shrinkage. Remove the filter from the inside of the cover, and use a soft-bristled brush to clean away dirt and debris. If the filter is damaged or does not come clean, it must be replaced.

Check the Muffler Screen

If your Mantis is running poorly and producing black smoke, the muffler screen may be clogged. To remove the muffler screen for cleaning, you must first remove the exterior cylinder cover and then the exhaust guide and muffler gasket. The procedure varies depending on the Mantis model, so check your manual for instructions. Use carburetor cleaner and a nonmetal brush to clean the screen thoroughly. If the screen does not come clean, it must be replaced.

Replace the Fuel Filter

A tiller engine that is very difficult or impossible to start could have a clogged fuel filter. Fuel filters rank among the most commonly replaced tiller repair parts because clogged filters cannot be cleaned by hand. Mantis advises customers to replace the fuel filter every year. The fuel filter is located at the end of the fuel intake line, where it connects to the fuel tank.

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