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Mantis Leaf Blower Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 2 Mantis Leaf Blower models

Model 9602-00-01 (44 parts)



Model 9502-00-01 (44 parts)



The cool days of fall bring a shower of leaves down on your lawn. Leaf blowers help take care of the mess without the back-breaking strain of raking. If your leaf blower leaks gas, it can create a fire hazard and interfere with your fall cleanup. These tips can help you find and fix the cause of the leak.

Check the Fuel Tank

Visually inspect all the leaf blower parts for damage. Cracks in the fuel tank can allow gas to leak out of the blower. If the tank is damaged or visibly leaking gas, replace it with a new part to get your leaf blower back in working order.

Replace the Fuel Line

A common leaf blower troubleshooting tip for gas leaks is to inspect the fuel line. This thin, flexible tubing runs from the gas tank to the carburetor and from the primer bulb to the fuel system. Leaks in the fuel line interrupt the gas flow and can cause problems with starting the leaf blower. If a leak is observed, disconnect the fuel line, and insert a replacement using the same configuration as the old line.

Replace the Carburetor

Leaks in the carburetor can result in engine failure. Before installing a new carburetor, drain all gas from the tank and remove the spark plugs. Remove the old carburetor, and mount the new one in its place. Connect the fuel lines to the new carburetor, and fill the tank with gas. Reconnect the spark plug before starting up the leaf blower to test your repair.

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