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A Magic Chef washer has the ability to keep clothes smelling and feeling fresh, but after prolonged use, even the most reliable washers need some light maintenance and upkeep. Magic Chef replacement parts can help keep the washer running reliably and smoothly.

Check the Power Supply

If the washer seems to have no power at all, first check the power supply. Also check the circuit breakers to ensure that there was no recent power surge. Failure to work at all can also be caused by the sensor on the washer door lock. Washer parts to remedy this problem include a washer door lock assembly, or if the repair is electronic in nature, a main electronic control board.

Check the Water Supply

If the washer refuses to fill, first check the house's water supply to ensure that everything is in working order. A water problem may necessitate the need for outside washer repair help, so call Sears PartsDirect if you need some assistance. The problem may be the water inlet valve assembly or the water level pressure switch.

Check the Spin Mechanisms

If the washer refuses to spin or is sluggish, some washer components may be faulty and need replacement. Some common parts that wear out after prolonged use include the washer agitator, agitator dogs or the washer drive belt. The washer lid sensor also may need replacement over time, as this switch tells the washer when to operate.

Sears PartsDirect has a wealth of Magic Chef replacement washer parts to help keep your machine running beautifully, even after years of use. To find the best part for your specific needs, simply choose a model number from the list above, activate the Sears PartsDirect live chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.