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Home cooks from homemakers to singles rely on their Magic Chef wall ovens, no matter if they're baking cookies for their families or cooking a pizza for friends on game night. When their wall ovens fail to properly bake, major disruptions to routines or plans can occur. Ensure your Magic Chef wall oven bakes everything you place inside by replacing parts when it won't heat up.

Reset or Replace the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse, or thermal limit switch, protects your oven from overheating, and if it trips, your oven won't heat. If your wall oven fuse trips during a self-cleaning cycle, a quick reset might just fix the problem. To perform this wall oven repair, turn off the electricity to the oven, remove the back exterior panel and push the reset button. If the fuse trips during normal use, replace the thermal fuse instead.

Replace the Bake or Broiler Element

If your oven won't properly heat, check the top broiler element and the bottom bake element for damage. These components should be solid and in a single piece, so any broken or burned sections of the elements indicate damage. If either element is broken, use Magic Chef wall oven parts to replace it.

Replace the Electronic Oven Control Board

Baking and broiling in your Magic Chef wall oven are controlled by the electronic oven control board. This component often has a digital clock on its face, making it simple to locate. If this part doesn't light up, operate properly or send voltage to the oven's elements, it needs to be replaced.

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