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Lowrance Leaf Blower Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 3 Lowrance Leaf Blower models

Model 335/385 SILVER EAGLE (31 parts)



Model 335/385 AIR STREAM (31 parts)



Model 335/385 EAGER BEAVER (31 parts)



Leaf blowers are a handy fall maintenance tool, helping you get leaves out of your flower beds and corners and keeping your lawn looking tidy in less time than it takes to rake. If you get ready to blow leaves off your lawn and the leaf blower fails to start, these helpful repair tips may solve your problem.

Check the Gas

If you have left gas in your leaf blower during the spring and summer, you may have trouble starting the leaf blower's engine. Water can accumulate in the gas over time, causing the gas to burn inefficiently. Empty the gas tank and fill it with fresh gas for a smooth start to your fall chores.

Check the Spark Plug

The spark plug is one of the leaf blower parts that often requires maintenance. Disconnect the spark plug wire and examine it for corrosion. Replace the spark plug if corrosion is observed to allow for quick ignition.

Replace the Fuel Line

If your leaf blower doesn't start or starts and then sputters out, the fuel line may need to be replaced. One common leaf blower troubleshooting tip is to check the fuel line for brittleness or damage. This flexible tubing carries the fuel from the tank to the primer and fuel system, and damage to the line can interrupt the flow. Carefully examine the fuel line before disconnecting it. Install the new fuel line in the same configuration as the old one.

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