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Lotus Bicycle Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 2 Lotus Bicycle models

Model 3000R (1 parts)



Model 2000R (1 parts)



From beginner models all the way to professional bikes, the Lotus brand is appreciated by cycling enthusiasts all over the world. Maintaining your Lotus bicycle with parts from Sears PartsDirect will keep you riding smoothly for years to come, preserving your classic bike in like-new condition.

A Wide Range of Models

Lotus models include everything from basic bikes like the Commuter to classic road bikes like the Odyssey to racing models like the Supreme. Lotus bicycles come with a variety of different options, including tubular tires for racing bikes and different speeds. With frame tubing made in Italy and some of the first aerodynamic bicycles in the industry, Lotus is widely considered a legendary brand in the cycling world.

The Right Parts

Your Lotus bicycle is a classic that you can ride for years to come. With bicycle repair parts from Sears PartsDirect, you can maintain your Lotus and keep it riding as smoothly as the day you bought it. Click on your model below to find a diagram and list of all the parts you need.

Guaranteed to Fit, Fast Shipping

All Lotus parts from Sears PartsDirect are guaranteed to fit, even if they are a substitute for the original parts. Parts ship quickly from a regional warehouse near you, so you can get your Lotus bike back on the road.

Just like a vintage car, your Lotus bicycle is a classic that, if maintained properly, you can ride for years to come and pass down to future generations. Sears PartsDirect has everything you need to keep your Lotus running like new. Select your model below, click on the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.