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Dryers help you conquer large loads of laundry in a relatively short amount of time. A squeaky dryer can be a nuisance when you are completing your weekend chores. Fix the squeaks and rattles by applying a few simple repair tips.

Replace the Blower Wheel

Dryer repair parts can help you fix dryer noises. A dryer blower wheel spins, circulating air around the drum to dry your clothes. Damaged blower wheels can rattle as they spin. To replace the blower wheel, first remove the front cover, and release the drive belt from the motor. Take out the motor clamp, and loosen the blower wheel. Take off the back panel and air duct to remove the old blower wheel, and replace it with a new one.

Replace the drum support roller

A drum support roller supports the dryer's drum as it rotates on its wheels and sometimes requires dryer troubleshooting help. Worn rollers can develop flat spots, causing the drum to thump as it rotates. Remove the front panel and lift out the drum assembly to access the drum support roller. Pry the washer off, and install the new drum support roller.

Replace the idler pulley

The drive belt loops around the idler pulley to create the right amount of friction for proper rotation. A squeaky idler pulley is accessed by removing the front dryer panel. Disengage the old idler pulley from the bracket at the base of the dryer, and position the new pulley in its place. Thread the drive belt through the new pulley, and reinstall the front panel.

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