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Lehr Leaf Blower Parts

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Lehr leaf blowers make short work of the tedious task of fall and spring yard cleanup. Gas-powered models make reaching all corners of your lawn easy, eliminating the need for tangled electrical cords. However, leaf blowers can sometimes start and run rough or simply not start at all. Use these troubleshooting tips to discover why your Lehr leaf blower won't start, hesitates or runs a little rough.

Examine the Fuel Line and Filter

The fuel line delivers gas to the carburetor and also from the primer bulb to the fuel system. If the line is old or has cracked or become clogged, it's impossible to start your leaf blower and a replacement is needed. Check the fuel filter at the end of the fuel line to see if it's dirty. Dirty fuel filters create stutters, and replacing them should fix the problem. These leaf blower parts are relatively simple to replace.

Check the Gas and the Carburetor

When performing leaf blower troubleshooting, it's important to check the fuel quantity and quality. Gas from last season might be old, causing the blower to stall on starting or run rough. If the gas is fresh and the spark plugs are clean, look at the carburetor to see if it needs to be rebuilt or replaced. While some choose to rebuild an existing carburetor, sometimes it's easier and less stressful to just replace the part.

Inspect the Fan Blade

If your leaf blower is still running rough, examine the fan blade that's attached to the engine. A damaged fan blade can create excessive vibration and interfere with the unit's operation.

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