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Laser Computer Parts

There are plenty of reasons why your laser-powered monitor could behave erratically or completely cease working. Laser computer displays work by deflecting strong ultraviolet rays onto a screen made from a combination of plastic and glass and coated with colored phosphorous stripes. When the light beams reach the screen, they activate the phosphors, which, in turn, light up to produce an image. Display monitors that utilize this kind of technology have an advantage over other display technologies. They use less electricity, produce an ultra-high-resolution display, have a wide viewing angle and contain no mercury.

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 7 Laser Computer models

Model 80-2451-43 (24 parts)


Model 6420 (18 parts)


Model COMPUTEMATE 2 (6 parts)


Model 80-2407-40 (23 parts)


Model 6448/41 (17 parts)


Model 80-2407-41 (23 parts)


Model COMPUTEMATE 1 (3 parts)


Common laser computer problems

The laser display monitor is prone to several issues. One such issue is the lack of display even when the power indicator light is on. This could mean the display monitor is broken or has an electrical connection issue. To remedy such a problem, disconnect the laser display monitor from the main electrical supply, unscrew the top cover and check for any loose connection or broken wires. Be careful not to damage any other components in the process.

Another common problem with this kind of display monitor is the lack of power. You could have connected the laser monitor to the socket, but the power indicator light neither blinks nor lights up. This could be a problem with the socket or your monitor’s power supply unit. The first thing you should do in such a case is use another appliance to test whether the socket in use is functional. If the socket is in good condition, the problem could be emanating from within the power supply unit. Check the power cord for signs of wear and tear. If the power cord is intact, your monitor’s power supply unit could be faulty.

Besides power supply and blank display issues, laser displays sometimes fail to produce sound when you are watching a video or listening to an audio file. This problem often results from a faulty loudspeaker. To identify the cause of the problem, plug your headphones into the headphone jack; if they produce sound but the loudspeaker doesn’t, it may be time to replace the speaker.

Essential laser computer parts

The cabinet top is the outer casing that protects internal components from dust and moisture while preventing electrocution to the user. The top can be damaged easily if hit by an object or when the monitor falls. If your cabinet casing has signs of damage or scratches, it may be time to get a replacement similar to the damaged one.

The power supply unit mostly develops problems due to fluctuations in the power supply or when exposed to moisture. This causes the unit to malfunction, interfering with the power supply to the other components. A replacement for this part is necessary if you want your laser computer to work properly.

Power cords can weaken and cut the transmission of electricity into the laser unit. Should you notice signs of wear and tear, it is necessary to replace the cords.

Loudspeakers produce sound from the audiovisual inputs. When the sound produced is unclear, consider replacing the speakers.

Where to get original laser parts

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