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Kubota has become an icon in the tractor industry, but its push-behind lawn mowers carry the same sturdy build and reliable engineering that characterize the brand. When you pull your mower out of the shed, you may notice that it doesn't start like it once did, taking at least a few pulls of the starter cord to fire up. Use these quick fixes to repair your hard-to-start Kubota mower.

Check the Battery

If the problem lies with the mower's electric start, the battery may not be functioning. Try charging the battery for a few hours before attempting to start the mower again. If it doesn't hold a charge, a new battery may be needed.

Replace Old Fuel

Fuel left in the tank for extended periods can gather moisture, hindering ignition. Siphon out the stale fuel, and replace it with fresh fuel every 30 days for maximum performance. Old fuel can also clog other lawn mower parts such as the carburetor.

Tune Up the Mower Engine

As you use your mower, its engine parts may become dirty, worn or clogged, preventing the machine from working properly or even starting at all. For quick lawn mower repair help, clean or replace the air filter, replace the spark plug and check for any clogged or corroded components. Check the level and color of the engine oil, and change it if necessary. Perform this overall tune-up at least once per season to keep your Kubota lawn mower starting and running smoothly.

If you're still having trouble starting your Kubota lawn mower, find replacement pieces for damaged components at Sears PartsDirect. To refine your search or receive help finding a part, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.