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Kubota Tiller Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Kubota Tiller models


Model AT25 (338 parts)

Gas, Front tine tiller


Kubota tillers give gardeners and farmers the ability to plow through tough soil and prepare it for the next planting season. These powerful tilling machines sometimes have problems related to wheels and tines that do not turn, tilling performance, or rough engine running and misfiring.

Inspect the Drive Belt

Many moving Kubota tiller parts rely heavily on a single belt that transfers the power from the engine and turns the wheels and tines during normal operation. This belt may wear down over time or begin slipping, so remove the belt cover and inspect the belt if problems with performance or a noticeable lack of movement occur. A broken pin on the tines or a loose bolt on the transmission pulley can also cause similar issues and may require replacement.

Check the Carburetor

Engine compression is especially important for tiller motors, and a key aspect of tiller troubleshooting lies in ensuring proper operation of the carburetor. Dirt, dust and soil may build up on carburetor components, and cleaning these contaminants away can help restore proper operation. Damaged carburetors may require full rebuilds, and replacing the carburetor with a new high-quality component can help address misfire or rough engine operation issues.

Tune the Engine

Just as the carburetor gets dirty over time, key parts of the engine may foul during operation. Replace the oil in the system and the air filters regularly to help prevent this, and inspect spark plugs for sign of malfunctions. Check the ignition system to ensure proper spark and air intake, and replace any obviously worn or damaged components with new tiller repair parts to ensure that the engine runs properly without leaking or stuttering.

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