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Your Kubota riding mower and tractor turns the chore of lawn maintenance into something closer to a theme park ride. Even so, at times you may have frustrating moments when your riding mower just won't start. When that happens, take a few minutes to work through this troubleshooting list and see what you can do to get your riding mower working properly again.

Check the Battery

If you try to start your riding mower and don't even hear any noise, you may simply need a new battery. Try charging the battery first, or remove the battery and reinstall it to make sure the connections are good. If you need a change of battery, it's among the riding mower parts you can pick up easily via Sears PartsDirect.

Give the Engine a Tune-up

A riding mower requires routine maintenance, especially if you live in an area where you put it in storage for many months at a time. To tune up your riding mower, check the ignition, throttle and choke. You also need to replace the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plug, as well as giving the machine new oil and gasoline. Regular tune-ups help keep your riding mower in excellent shape so you can count on it to start without worry.

Replace the Carburetor

Sometimes your riding mower may ride a bit rough, or you may only get it to run if the choke is partly on. If this is the case, probably you need to replace the carburetor. For lawn tractor repair help with this particular repair, give Sears PartsDirect a call.

Sears PartsDirect supplies all the basic parts you need for maintenance and repair of your Kubota riding mower and tractor. To find the right parts, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.