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Kmart Vacuum Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 2 Kmart Vacuum models

Model 04267685-8 (20 parts)

Wet dry


Model 04267621-3 (13 parts)

Wet dry


Kmart vacuums are a popular option for budget-savvy shoppers, offering both value and impressive cleaning performance. With extended use, though, your Kmart vacuum may not be picking up dirt and debris as well as before. Decreased efficiency can result from a number of underlying issues, but these simple troubleshooting procedures can help you get your vacuum back to full power.

Check the Hose and Nozzle for Blockages

Reduced suction can result from a foreign object getting caught in the vacuum hose, so remove the hose and nozzle to check them for blockages. Run a long, dull-edged object such as a broom through the length of the hose to clear out any clogs.

Clean the Dust Filter

A dirty filter does not allow air to easily pass through the vacuum, hindering its ability to pick up debris. If your Kmart vacuum is a wet-and-dry model, the filter may become clogged when you try to pick up liquid as the dust gets soaked. Remove the filter from the appliance, and shake off the dust before rinsing off the fine particles. Browse replacement vacuum parts for a new filter if you notice any holes or tears.

Empty the Vacuum

A full vacuum is unable to pick up more debris, and it may even fail to turn on. Remove and empty the canister before trying to operate the vacuum again. For more vacuum repair help, choose to empty the vacuum while it is still partially empty to further increase efficiency and avoid strain on the motor.

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