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KitchenAid washers offer a variety of settings to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency without damage to clothes. As machines get older and go through many cycles, they may begin to experience trouble delivering water at the selected temperature, so it's worth knowing how to troubleshoot a range of issues.

Check the Water Heater

KitchenAid washing machines draw on the hot water available in the house, and problems with the water heater may translate directly to improper water temperatures. Check to ensure the water at the sink or other outlets in the home runs hot. If the water at the washer feels only warm, between 85 and 95 degrees F, this may be an energy-saving feature of some ENERGY STAR water heaters rather than a problem with the washer.

Inspect the Inlet Valve Assembly

The inlet valve assembly allows hot or cold water into the water. Valves that fail may not introduce enough hot water to the system, or they may allow cold water to constantly fill the washer during operation, diluting the hot water and preventing the washer from operating at the proper temperature. Inspect these washer parts for signs of clogs or damage, and replace them to restore proper flow.

Replace the Temperature Selector Switch

You use the temperature selector switch to choose which water settings you prefer. If this component malfunctions, all loads may use only one specific setting, and the broken switch may prevent further changes to this setting. A washer repair help technician or skilled home handyman can replace this switch with a new one to restore functionality and allow you to choose from a range of temperature settings once more.

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