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Homemakers rely on Kirkland dishwashers to keep dishes clean and ready for another delicious mealtime, but strange or unusually loud noises can sometimes develop that make using the dishwasher a worrying affair. This common problem can lead to more troublesome issues if left unaddressed, and using Kirkland dishwasher parts to remedy any issue ensures that you continue to benefit from many more months of quality service from the appliance.

Inspect the Chopper Blade Area

Grinding noises emanating from a dishwasher may indicate that a hard foreign object is stuck in its chopper blade section. If allowed to remain, hard objects can weaken or destroy dishwasher parts in this area. Immediately inspect and clear the chopper blade of any obstructions to eliminate the noise, and check to make sure none of the components are visibly damaged.

Replace the Pump and Motor Assembly

A dishwasher motor or pump can produce loud noises when damaged. At this point, the motor, pump or both of these components must be replaced depending on the damage they have sustained. Prompt dishwasher repair to fix a noisy pump or motor assembly is recommended, as compromised parts can accelerate the deterioration of the seals or pump housing and lead to disastrous leaks.

Check the Fill Valve

Low water levels in the dishwasher may also cause a pump to become noisy. When this occurs, a water inlet valve, or solenoid fill valve, that doesn't open completely is the likely culprit. Repair or replace the defective valve to allow the appliance to fill correctly, and so eliminate the noise.

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