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Businesses and homeowners alike depend on their Kirby vacuum cleaners to make short work of tidying up. Sometimes, however, the brush roll won't spin, leaving dirt and debris stuck between carpet fibers. If you're having this issue with your vacuum cleaner, use these troubleshooting and repair tips to get your vacuum back into action.

Remove Hair and Debris

One main reason a brush roll won't spin is hair and debris tangled around vacuum parts. Flip your upright vacuum cleaner upside down so you can access the brush roll, and then use scissors to cut any tangled hair stuck on the brush. Use your hand to remove any debris. Be sure to snip around the end caps, too, as these pieces allow the brush roll to spin.

Check the Drive Belts

Upright vacuum cleaners use either ribbed or cogged drive belts to connect the drive pulley with the roll brush. When these belts are worn or cracked, this can degrade the performance of your machine. Inspect your belt for damage, and if you find it, the vacuum repair help you need is a replacement for this Kirby part.

Replace the Brush Roll

A cylinder covered with rows of bristles, the brush roll is the part of the vacuum cleaner that lifts dirt and debris from between carpet fibers to ensure clean floors. Inspect the brush roll for worn bristles or a damaged cylinder, and replace it if you find either of these.

Sears PartsDirect features a wide array of Kirby vacuum cleaner parts that make repair and maintenance easy. To get the help you need and lists of available parts options, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.