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The King brand offers long-lasting walk-behind lawn mowers that homeowners can trust season after season. Over time, your lawn mower may become less efficient, resulting in a messy or uneven lawn. Before throwing in the towel and calling a repair technician, use these troubleshooting steps to get your King lawn mower back on the green.

Sharpen or Replace the Blade

A dull lawn mower blade results in an uneven cut, so remove the blade and sharpen it with a mill bastard file to restore its edge. Be sure to remove an even amount of metal from each side to keep it balanced. If the blade is chipped, broken or bent, browse lawn mower parts for a compatible replacement.

Clear Debris From the Mower Deck

Cut grass and debris can build up on the underside of the mower deck, decreasing the blade's efficiency and leaving grass clumps on the lawn as the mower passes. To fix this, remove the spark plug, siphon the fuel out of the gas tank, and turn the lawn mower on its side to clean the deck. Use a wire brush and a putty knife to scrape off the debris.

Tune up the Engine

An engine that becomes weak from worn or dirty components loses some of its efficiency, resulting in a poor cut. Clean the engine thoroughly, and replace the spark plug, engine oil and air filter. Performing these maintenance procedures once per season keeps your mower running strong. Contact Sears PartsDirect If you need additional lawn mower repair help.

You can count on Sears PartsDirect to supply all the repair components you need to fix your King lawn mower and get a smoother cut. If you're searching for a specific piece, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.