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Homemakers rely on their Kenmore Pro wall ovens to provide tasty meals and baked goods for their families. When their ovens won't heat properly, it throws off the balance of their entire homes. If your Kenmore Pro wall oven stops heating the way it should, turn to these troubleshooting tips to help you make the necessary repairs.

Replace the Oven Igniter

The glow-bar oven igniter and gas safety valve in most gas ovens connect in a series-type electrical circuit. The safety gas valve opens when the glow-igniter gets hot enough to ignite the gas. If the oven igniter doesn't glow, or if it glows but the gas valve doesn't open, wall oven repair to replace the igniter may be the fix you're seeking.

Replace the Oven Control Thermostat

Wall ovens feature a thermostat, which is a temperature-controlled switch that controls the oven's heating process. If the oven doesn't properly maintain heat, replacing the thermostat may fix the problem. These wall oven parts are often at fault if the oven burner fails to heat or if the burner doesn't turn off when the oven reaches the correct temperature setting.

Replace the Electronic Oven Control Board

Wall ovens feature an electronic oven control board that controls the execution and timing of their functions, including baking and broiling. This control console often features a digital clock on the face of its housing. If this board doesn't light up when supplied with electrical power, fails to properly operate or doesn't send voltage properly to the broil or bake functions, the electronic oven control board probably needs replacing.

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