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Kenmore Pro Refrigerator Parts

Kenmore Pro Refrigerator Parts

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Kenmore PRO refrigerators work hard to keep food and drinks stored inside at the perfect temperature. Smart Fit shelves in these models allow you to customize their height to suit your storage needs, and stainless-steel construction makes these appliances rugged enough to withstand years of use while retaining their good looks in the process.

Large Capacities

Store more food thanks to the large storage capacity of Kenmore PRO refrigerators. Models range between 23.1 and 26.0 cubic feet of internal storage space, and specialized beverage racks hold up to nine cans of soda or a single bottle of wine, keeping contents at optimized temperatures.

Fresh-Smelling and Bright

Kenmore PRO refrigerators feature a Fresh 'n Clean air filtration system that keeps them smelling fresh every day. Transitional lighting gives you plenty of illumination when you're selecting a late-night snack, and convenient shelving lets you set frequently accessed items in the perfect position. If any of these components fail to perform to expectations, find repair help and refrigerator parts for your model at Sears PartsDirect.

On-Demand Ice

Kenmore PRO refrigerators provide on-demand ice thanks to built-in ice makers that connect directly to a waterline, eliminating the chore of filling and dumping trays. The Rapid Ice production system in each refrigerator delivers ample amounts of ice for parties and gatherings, and you can use the refrigerator water filter finder at Sears PartsDirect to ensure each piece comes out clean and safe.

You take it for granted that your Kenmore PRO refrigerator functions optimally, but when maintenance or repair is needed, Sears PartsDirect provides the help you need to restore your appliance to its former glory. To get started, choose your category type from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.