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Kenmore Pro Dishwasher Parts

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The Kenmore Pro line of kitchen appliances keeps kitchens running efficiently, and the line's dishwashers are an integral part of after-dinner cleanup. Sometimes, even the most durable dishwasher can develop a leak. Knowing where to look and what to do can avoid costly repairs.

Make Sure the Door Is Closed Properly

Dishwashers can latch and run even if they aren't closed properly. If you notice a leak mid-cycle, stop the washer and make sure nothing is keeping the door from sealing tight, such as a pot handle or large serving dish. This simple fix can save you the expense of unnecessary dishwasher parts.

Check the Tub Gasket

Also called the door seal, the tub gasket seals the door to the washing compartment so that water doesn't leak out during the cycle. Take a minute to run your hands around the seal and look for cracks, warping and other damage. Damaged tub gaskets need to be replaced with dishwasher repair parts that are compatible with your machine to stop the leak. Using the wrong gasket may lead to more leaks.

Inspect the Dishwasher Drain Line

Check the dishwasher drain line for leaks, especially if the leaks seem to happen while your machine is draining. Look at both the connections and the hose itself. A quick repair might be as simple as tightening up the connection from the hose to the unit or to your kitchen drain. Replace the drain line if you see any cracks or holes in the hose.

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