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Checking a electrical or gas power sources as well as a couple of key components of a Kenmore Pro Cooktop can determine why the appliance is not working. Cooktop troubleshooting helps homeowners save time and money in repairs.

Check the Energy Supply

The first hint that a cooktop is not getting power is that the display or controls are not working. Check to see if the appliance is plugged in, and then make sure that the circuit breaker to the cooktop has not tripped. For gas cooktops, a typical cooktop troubleshooting tip is to check to see if the gas line is working properly.

Make sure the cooktop is plugged in, and inspect the power cord to look for problems. Power cords can wear out over time. Replace the power cord if it is worn.

Troubleshoot the Electronic Control Board

If the power supply is working, the trouble may be with the electronic control board. Some cooktops require these boards to control the heating elements. If the control board does not work or does not turn on one or more surface burners, it may need to be replaced with appropriate cooktop parts.

Check the Gas Pressure Regulator

Gas cooktops use a gas pressure regulator to control the amount of gas that goes to each burner. If the regulator is not working properly, the burners will not ignite properly or will create a fluctuating flame height during use. These problems can be solved by replacing the gas pressure regulator.

Repairing a Kenmore Pro cooktop that stops working can be an easy fix. Sears PartsDirect offers a wide selection of quality cooktop parts that can keep your appliance working like new. To find the correct part for your cooktop, choose the part type, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.